About Trust-Tom.Com

Trust-Tom.Com was set up by the business and property insurance underwriter, Thomas Cartwright (Tom). 

Our aim is to get you property and/or business insurance quotes with insurance brokers that operate with integrity, specialism and have access to market leading products not on Comparison Sites. 

How Trust-Tom.Com Makes Money

You don’t pay any more money for using Trust-Tom.Com. This is because our providers pay Trust-Tom.Com for directing customers to them. Even if you go direct the amount you pay won’t differ. 

In fact, you are more likely to save money if you get quotes with all trusted Trust-Tom.Com providers because they will compete against each other in order to win your business!

Furthermore, you can feel great if you take out a policy through Trust-Tom.Com because we cede some of our income to UK charities. 

Trust-Tom.Com is a directory service that directs you to FCA regulated insurance brokers. 

A Message From Tom

Hi, I’m Tom. After spending over a decade working in the insurance industry I knew it was time to have a greater influence on you…

Specifically, I am a  insurance underwriter. In other words, the person who decides what risks to accept or not and at what premium or terms. 

After many years of dealing with thousands of different insurance brokers I noticed trends that impact you…

In short, there are many insurance brokers out there that are not offering you the products or service you deserve. 

Unfortunately, there are many insurance brokers out there that are interested in one thing… their profits. Whereas, my mission is to direct you to brokers who put integrity before profits. 

Another issue, is the fact that many insurance brokers operate as call centres. Individual quality gets heavily diluted in call centres and it is luck of the draw whether you deal with a salesperson or a professional who cares about you. 

I have set up Trust-Tom.Com in order to direct you to insurance brokers that do not operate as call centres . That way, you will only deal with individual experts who work at independent owned companies. 

As an underwriter, I witnessed daily insurance brokers who were incapable of proposing a risk correctly. Meaning, you would pay more than you need to. Even worse, sometimes insurance brokers misrepresent a risk to insurers. The consequences of this are that your claims could be declined!

So, ultimately you can put your trust in me to find you an elite insurance broker that will find you the best insurance policy at the most competitive premiums for the insurance you need.