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Types of insurance for a dry cleaners:

Liability Insurance

It is compulsory to have employers’ liability insurance if you have any employees (with some exceptions).

This is to protect you if a member of staff sues you due to injury, death or property damage or loss in the course of their employment. 

Public liability provides you with financial protection if a third party or customer was to sue you for causing them injury, death, disease. 

Furthermore, it also covers you if you cause damage to third party property as a result of your negligence.

So, just imagine, without public liability insurance your business could be wiped out by one large compensation claim.

In addition, products’ liability provides you with financial protection if you were sued due to a defective product you have sold. 

Tailored Dry Cleaners Cover...

In summary, Customer Goods insurance protects you if the customer’s clothes or products suffer damage or loss whilst they are under your custody and control. 

Most importantly, if you clean higher value items such as wedding dresses. It is most important your insurance provider can provide the correct single article limit to cover you for these items. 

In short,  if you damage any items of clothing in the process of cleaning or repairing them…

You could become legally liability to pay for the replacement of such item. 

Therefore, our recommended insurance provider’s have access to products that provide cover, if you for damaged customer’s items accidentally. 

Incorrect garment insurance will  cover the costs of reimbursing customers if you lost their clothes. 

Our insurance providers have access to products that include incorrect garments insurance as standard. 

Property Insurance

In short, contents insurance cover protects you against damage and loss to your contents.

To sum up, stock insurance will cover you for damage or loss to the products you sell or use to clean clothes.

Firstly, if you own the buildings you trade from or if your lease agreement stipulates you are responsible for insuring the buildings…

You should take out buildings insurance to protect your buildings from damage or loss. 

In brief, if you are unable to trade as a consequence of damage or loss that has occurred to your premises then business interruption will indemnify you for your loss of earnings.

Furthermore, it is usually up to an agreed period of time (normally between 12 and 36 months). 

In addition, some insurance products provide extensions to business interruption cover such as…

Covering you if you can’t trade due to denial of access or if the utilities have a power failure. 

Additional Covers

In short, Money insurance provides you with cover if money associated to your business is damaged, lost or stolen. 

In short, goods in transit insurance will provide you with cover if your goods suffer damage or loss whilst they are in transit. 

In short, Legal Expenses insurance will cover you for costs involved to defend or pursue a claim in the courts of Law as a result of any business related disputes. 

Firstly, damage caused by terrorism is excluded from most standard insurance policy wordings.

Whereas, most insurance policies will give you the option to write back terrorism insurance, usually via a third party insurer. 

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