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Types of insurance for personal trainers:

Liability Insurance

It is compulsory to have employers’ liability insurance if you have any employees (with some exceptions).

This is to protect you if a member of staff sues you due to injury, death or property damage or loss in the course of their employment. 

Public liability insurance is of the utmost importance to gym owners.

Because it provides you with financial protection if a third party or customer was to sue you for causing them injury, death, disease. 

Furthermore, it also covers you if you cause damage to third party property as a result of your negligence.

So, just imagine, without public liability insurance your business could be wiped out by one large compensation claim.

In addition, products’ liability provides you with financial protection if you were sued due to a defective product you have sold. 

Professional indemnity insurance covers you for the legal costs involved in defending you against any claims made due to providing poor advice or an inadequate service. 

Additional Covers

In short, gym equipment cover protects you against damage and loss to your gym and business equipment.

To sum up, stock insurance will cover you for damage or loss to the products you sell.

In short, Legal Expenses insurance will cover you for costs involved to defend or pursue a claim in the courts of Law as a result of any business related disputes. 

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