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Plasterer Insurance With A Specialist

JRW Risk Solutions have years of experience specialising in liability insurance for plasterers.

Furthermore, they have access to product that cover your materials and tools. 

Therefore, your insurance needs are certainly in the safest hands.

JRW Risk Solutions pride themselves on getting to know you and your insurance needs. 

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JRW Risk Solutions are with you throughout all of your journey in insurance.

From point of sale to claim you can depend on JRW Risk Solutions to take care of you. 

Just another reason they are the best providers for your plasterers insurance. 

Above all, JRW Risk Solutions have access to market leading insurance products for plasterers…

That can be tailor-made just for you!

JRW Risk Solutions will only get you quotes with A rated insurers. 

You can’t beat the peace of mind that your insurance company will have a strong financial rating.

Three Wise Reasons You Should Trust Tom With Your Plasterers Insurance...

In short, when you put your trust in a specialist broker, you are giving yourself the best chance of saving your money because:

  • You will have access to products specifically designed for plasterers.
  • In addition, they know how to arrange favourable terms with insurers.
  • Moreover, you will not be paying for cover you do not need.
Save Money On Your plasterers insurance

Trust-Tom.Com has thoroughly assessed the insurance market.

As a result you will have access to the best providers for handling plasterers insurance.

The founder of this website, Tom Cartwright over a decade underwriting business insurance…

After dealing with useless brokers he felt responsible to direct you to brokers who operate with knowledge and integrity.

Above all, he just wants you to place your tradesman insurance through a broker you can trust!

insurance for plasterers from an expert

Trust-Tom.Com only partners up with small independent UK owned insurance brokers.

Unfortunately, the market is dominated by call centres employing sales staff.

Or Comparison Sites that only compare a small fraction of the market.

Meanwhile, Trust-Tom.Com also donates a portion of it’s profits to multiple charities.

So, it’s time to feel like a hero and take out your plumbers insurance through a Trust-Tom.Com insurance broker.

support a small independent company when you take out plasterers insurance

So, What Insurance Cover Should You Consider As A Plasterer?

Liability Insurance For Plasterers

Most importantly, by Law if you own a business and have any employees it is compulsory to have employers’ liability insurance. 

Furthermore, the minimum limit of indemnity in the UK by Law is £5,000,000.

However, there are certain exemptions, such as if you are a sole trader and an immediate family member works for you.

But, the last thing you want to do is breach the law…

Because most importantly, the nation needs your trades skills!

Public liability insurance is of the utmost importance for plasterers…

Because it provides you with financial protection if a third party or customer was to sue you for causing them injury, death, disease. 

Furthermore, it also covers you if you cause damage to third party property as a result of your negligence.

In addition, products’ liability provides you with financial protection if you were sued due to a defective product you sold. 

So, just imagine, without public and products liability insurance your business could be wiped out by one large compensation claim.

Therefore, don’t let one compensation claim close down your business!

Material Damage Insurance For Plasterers

In short, tools insurance cover protects you against damage and loss to your tools.

To sum up, stock insurance will cover you for damage or loss to the products you sell.

Or the materials you use, such as pipes, bricks and paints. 

Contractors All Risks Insurance For Plasterers

In brief, owned plant insurance covers you for damage or loss of any large plant you own such as generators, diggers, excavators etc. 

In brief, hired plant insurance covers you for damage or loss of any large plant you hire such as generators, diggers, excavators etc. 

In, short contract works insurance covers you following an insured event (such as fire) for: 

  • Replacing the materials needed to finish a job
  • The costs involved to finish your project
  •  Labour costs involved to repair the damage. 

Additional Insurance For Plasterers

In short, Legal Expenses insurance will cover you for costs involved to defend or pursue a claim in the courts of Law as a result of any business related disputes. 

In summary, professional indemnity insurance covers you if a customer sues you for a financial or reputation loss as a consequence of the advice you have provided. 

A Quick Message From Tom...

Thank You!

Firstly, thank you for spending YOUR time on my website. Because there is nothing more valuable than time!

Above all, this website was created because I care about you!

So, Why Did I Set Up Trust-Tom.Com?

In brief, as someone who worked in the industry as an underwriter… I was worried.

Because, there are too many incompetent brokers not providing you the service or products you deserve.

Furthermore, I wanted to create a better alternative to Comparison Sites.

For instance, Comparison Sites only compare a fraction of the market.

Furthermore, there are many industry specialised products not available on Comparison Sites.

And Finally...

Regardless of the outcome of your insurance journey… I just want you to have a policy that provides you with the protection you deserve.

Furthermore, I certainly, don’t want you paying more than you need to be. 

In the meantime, I hope you have a great day.